Welcome to Highschool-of-the-dead Answers. What would you like to know?

As this is an answers wiki, few policies are needed, but we still have some. They are listed below. We ask that you read this page and follow these rules.

  • Please be kind and courteous around the wiki. We would like to keep this a nice, simple, and easy place to find answers to your questions about Highshool of the Dead (and Sato and some Dragon Age series), so keep it clean.
  • The site is currently under construction, as a result please be patient as I am the only one working on it other than Turambar1, who also partially contributes. If you would like to help this wiki, you are welcome to. You can contact me here, if you are unable to contact me then you can talk to Turambar1 here. I often check the site, but it is not all that well maintained or put together. Right now there's no need for it to be fancy. It just needs to be able to answer your questions effectively which it does.
  • Images will be allowed, they can be used to help illustrate an answer to a questions, be used on user pages, etc... However, this is still an answers wiki, so the images will be used more to be part of an image gallery than anything else. They will mostly just be for show. Images must pertain to the series. No inappropriate or pornographic content is to be uploaded. No Fan-made content should be uploaded in general, unless it is to a user's page. If you find an image that violates this policy, please tag it with the deletion template and add a reason by typing {{Delete|<Reason>}} or pressing the delete button under "Templates".
  • Blogs are allowed once again, they must pertain to the series mentioned above or wiki.
  • Speculation is not permitted. Blogs and Forums are places for speculation, but absolutely, do not speculate in an answer to a question. Also you should try to avoid asking questions about events that you think "might happen" or events that haven't occurred as of yet.
  • Templates should be placed in the so that we will have a record of currently existing templates. Templates for User related pages (Signatures, Talk Headers, etc...) do not need to be cataloged in the Templates Page.
  • Do not "blank" pages If an edit needs to be reverted, tell an Administrators.
  • Adding Categories Categories should always be added to a question by the asker or answerer. New categories will be made by Administrators. For a list of categories see here: Categories
  • Answers should be referenced' when possible.

Please follow these policies so that the wiki can be the best it can be ! If you need help contact someone at one of the above links.

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